Ver Planck Historic Preservation Consulting


Bayview-Hunters Point Historic Context
Statement and Survey

LOCATION: San Francisco, California
CLIENT: San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

With his original firm of Kelley & VerPlanck Historical Resources Consulting, in 2009-2010, Chris VerPlanck completed a historic context statement for San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point district. The historic context statement was prepared as part of preliminary planning activity in the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency's Area B Project Area. Area B encompasses most of the 3rd Street corridor — the central commercial core of the district — as well as adjoining tracts of Victorian and Edwardian-era housing.

The 200-page historic context statement describes the historical patterns of development in San Francisco's sprawling, mixed-use, industrial and residential southeastern corner. The Bayview-Hunters Point Historic Context Statement also makes extensive use of oral histories provided by local community members to flesh out the ethno-cultural history of San Francisco's last traditionally African-American neighborhood.

Finally, the report identifies properties of historical, architectural, and cultural significance throughout the planning area. Chris VerPlanck presented the findings of the completed Bayview-Hunters Point Historic Context Statement to local residents at several community workshops as well as to the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission.

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