Ver Planck Historic Preservation Consulting


Offerman and Dielmann House National
Register Nominations

LOCATION: 1018 and 1020 Main Street, Redwood City, California
CLIENT: Mrs. Judith Collas

The Offerman House is a very early Folk Victorian dwelling, built ca. 1857, at 1018 Main Street in Redwood City. Located one block away from the city's newly thriving downtown, the Offerman House, as well as its next-door neighbor, the Dielmann House, comprise a quaint enclave of residential Victorian residential architecture in downtown Redwood City. The Dielmann House is a ca. 1892 Queen Anne cottage that was moved to its site at 1020 Main Street in 1978 to save it from demolition. It was saved by Gladys and Clifton Woodhams, pioneers in Redwood City preservation, who also restored the Offerman House around the same time.

Ms. Judith Collas, the daughter of Gladys and Clifton Woodhams, and the former owner of both the Offerman and Dielmann houses, hired VerPlanck Historic Preservation Consulting to prepare National Register nominations for both properties. Mrs. Collas wished to get them both listed in the National Register to help protect them from demolition and unsympathetic remodeling, as well as to recognize their important role in the evolution of Downtown Redwood City from a remote frontier port into the county seat of San Mateo County. The two National Register nominations were vetted by Office of Historic Preservation staff and unanimously approved by the State Historical Resources Commission at its August 2015 hearing in Sacramento.

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